Walking Sticks Flower Style & Plain Design Easy Folding Adjustable Light Weight á Strong Anodized lightweight Aluminium shaft á Fully adjustable from 33.5" Ð 37.5" in 1" in five adjustable setting holes (Between 85cm- 95cm) á Four folding...

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Description: Material: Aluminium alloy. It is a walking/hiking aid , ideal for ever day use or on holidays. Easy to adjust, easy to fold, easy to carry & easy to store. The stick erects in seconds It is sturdy yet lightweight. ...

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This stylish rollator is designed for easy transportation and storage. It folds in half easily by simply pulling the seat up. The frame then folds in half again to an even more compact size by simply unclipping a lever on either side of the frame....

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Looking for comfortable, fitting, and breathable calf compression sleeves? tired of suffering from shin splints? - complete your runs or workouts without injury - snug fit and won't slip from your calves - promotes blood circulation how else does...

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Being diagnosed with a progressive disease is scary and life changing stuff. In the author's case it was "Parkinson's Disease" that the neurologist diagnosed him with as he was stood in the consulting room in his thread bare underwear. What do...

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The day Dr. Kim suffered a debilitating back injury marked the day he started his transformative health journey. This pain kept him off of his feet for 6 months, and worse, it led to out-of-control diabetes, hypertension, chronic stress, insomnia,...

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