Chunky Solid Copper Bracelet with six high powered Magnets each containing a minimum 2400 gauss. Safe, natural magnetic therapy has been used by people for centuries to eliminate pain and combat illnesses such as arthritis, back pain and...

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A tiny natural cotton (cream coloured) drawstring bag personalised with both a persons name and the wording 'Inhaler' above a pink butterfly image. Please select the GIFT MESSAGE option at checkout to tell us the name you would like printed on the...

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Celtic Glass Designs create significant and expressive gifts designed by Beverley Gallagher. The National emblem of Scotland. Represents Christ's pain and suffering. Our designs have been beautifully reproduced on a range of embroidered giftware....

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Never buy plastic straws again with the brand new reusable Cool Straw. Its patented two piece design makes it easy to clean and easy to store in your utensils drawer. Non toxic silicone makes it a great alternative to plastic. Just snap the two...

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Walking Sticks Flower Style & Plain Design Easy Folding Adjustable Light Weight á Strong Anodized lightweight Aluminium shaft á Fully adjustable from 33.5" Ð 37.5" in 1" in five adjustable setting holes (Between 85cm- 95cm) á Four folding...

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Do you suffer from severe foot pain, strained calf muscles or find it difficult to recover from foot injuries? Or Is sore foot or foot ache an everyday problem? Not anymore! Whether it's a problem with the Shin Splints, Plantar...

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