Swanson Royal Jelly (1,000mg, 100 Softgels)


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What is Royal Jelly? Royal Jelly is a pure and natural substance made by worker honey bees for the development and sustenance of the Queen Bee. Royal Jelly contains B-Complex vitamins as well as small amounts of amino-acids and fatty acids. Royal Jelly has long been respected as a valuable source of concentrated protein and minerals, and available in softgels, is a convenient addition to your routine.

What is Royal Jelly used for? Used daily, Royal Jelly can have many benefits for all-over health and wellbeing. Add Royal Jelly to your diet as part of your healthy food intake and you may enjoy health-related benefits including:Support for healthy skin and hair. A youthful and energetic healthy body. Maintenance of a healthy immune system. Support of a healthy digestive system.

Give your body “the royal treatment” and maximise your vitality! One of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods, Swanson Premium Royal Jelly is the special mixture of pollen, honey, and enzymes that enables normal bee larvae to develop into queen bees. For humans, it’s an excellent energy source for overall well-being and natural immune system support. Our 1,000 mg softgels feature the highest potency royal jelly available.

  • An excellent natural energy booster
  • All natural tonic fortifies the immune system
  • Maximizes your vitality and promotes overall well-being