SudoGrip Walking Frame Padded Hand Grips (Set of 2)


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Do you suffer from painful hands when using a mobility aid? Then you need SudoGrip mobility grips, the most effective and comfortable solution for reducing hand pain associated with mobility aids.

Standard mobility aids allow impact pressure to be transferred to your hand. Prolonged exposure to such impact pressure may lead to the development of painful blisters, calluses and pressure sores.

Specifically developed for mobility aids, SudoGrip mobility grips have a super soft shock absorbing gel interior that prevents the transfer of injury causing impact pressure to your hand and a plush Neoprene cover with easy install straps that stretch to fit different size handles.

The SudoGrip mobility range includes the following grips:

SudoGrip FC – Crutch Grips,

SudoGrip RW – Roller Walker Grips, and

SudoGrip WF – Walking Frame Grips.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer, order your SudoGrip mobility grips today.

  • SudoGrip WF110 walking frame padded hand grips (by Flexivity) are the most effective and comfortable solution for relieving hand pain caused by walking frames.
  • Latex free Neoprene outer cover with a super soft Neoprene cushion interior.
  • Secured in place with hook and loop fasteners and fits different shaped handles. Will not come off handle while in use.
  • All SudoGrip mobility grips are specifically designed for mobility products.
  • Free Royal Mail 1st Class shipping on all Sudo Healthcare fulfilled orders.