SLIM SHAKE MAX – Lose Weight And Feel Great ! SLIM SHAKE MAX is a Slimming Protein Shake / Smoothie Specially Formulated For Maximum Weight Loss While Staying Fit and Healthy – Lose Weight and Slim Fast ! Organic Herbal Proteins Meal Replacement


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SLIM SHAKE MAX is a complete meal replacement shake packed with healthy natural ingredients but containing no artificial additives. It Provides your body with all the vital healthy vitamins minerals and amino acids it needs every day but is naturally very low in fat. It contains NO Dairy and NO Gluten so ideal for people with food allergies as well as vegans and vegetarians. Some of the major ingredients contained in SLIM SHAKE MAX are: PSYLLIUM HUSK – A natural product high in fibre it helps improve and maintain the digestive system which is essential for a healthy body and recent research suggests a promising role in lowering cholesterol and controlling diabetes. FOLIC ACID – is needed for the production and maintenance of new cells as well as for DNA and RNA synthesis. Especially important for Women of child bearing age because folate is vital for proper development of foetus brain and spine. VITAMIN B12 – Boosts energy , promotes weight loss and supports emotional well being (reduces depression etc) and supports healthy sleep patterns BIOTIN – essential for healthy cell growth and also promotes healthy hair nail and skin IRON – Adequate iron intake is essential for cells to store oxygen to reduce fatigue and tiredness ZINC – Supports healthy normal growth of skin bones hair nails and eyes SLIM SHAKE MAX – Lose Weight and Feel Great !

  • SLIM SHAKE MAX is also very popular as a weight loss protein shake as it contains PSYLLIUM HUSK to help promote a feeling of fullness which curb appetite and prevent craving on sugar filled snack foods. This makes it much easier for slimmers to reduce their calorie intake whilst remaining healthy and fulfilled / satisfied unlike other meal replacement shakes which can leave you feeling hungry and irritable – in fact SLIM SHAKE MAX is the perfect SLIMMING PROTEIN SHAKE
  • SLIM SHAKE MAX is not just another protein powder shake – it is a complete meal replacement formula fortified with vitamins minerals amino acids herbs and dietary fibre to give your body all its daily requirements.
  • This Product also boosts your energy levels and immune system giving you more stamina and helping to fight illness and infection and is regularly used by athletes and gym members and people recovering from illness and can also be used to give your body a complete detox !
  • SLIM SHAKE PRO is GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE and also ADDITIVE FREE and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well people suffering from food allergies
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