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Vitamin D is synthesised in the skin via exposure to sunlight but as we age, our skins ability to convert Vitamin D to its active form decreases. Vitamin D and Calcium are needed by your bones to help to reduce a natural loss of bone density as you age, particularly in women who are post-menopause. Four out of five people with a hip fracture have evidence of Vitamin D deficiency. The synergistic effect of Vitamin D and Calcium means that without sufficient Vitamin D, the body finds it harder to effectively utilise Calcium. Therefore taking these two key nutrients in combination is highly recommended for the maintenance of healthy teeth, bones and bone density, muscle growth, development and function. Vitamin D has the added cardiovascular and immune function benefits as well as supporting mood during the darker winter months.

  • Manufactured and Sourced in the U.K
  • Your bones favourite vitamins as well as essential nutrients for healthy muscle growth and development.
  • Essential for healthy bones and teeth. Can balance mood during the darker winter months.
  • Each tablet provides 200mg Calcium & 1.25mcg of Vitamin D.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.