Patterson Medical Good Grips Weighted Spoon with Built-Up Handle


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Weighted Good Grips Spoon.

The Weighted Good Grips Spoon has a weighted handle, making it a little more than twice the weight of the standard Good Grips Spoon. The additional weight makes the spoon much easier to control for people with a range of conditions, especially users suffering from tremors or more restricted hand control. The Weighted Good Grips Spoon has a large, cushioned, easy to grip handle, which is designed to be safe and comfortable for the user to hold, even when wet, and which is therefore ideal for those individuals with a limited grip strength or hand movement. Each handle has ribs at the end which improve the grip of the user and stop the hand slipping down the spoon. The Weighted Good Grips Spoon also has a twisting stainless steel shaft, which allows the head of the spoon to be bent to any angle for ease of use. This allows the spoon to be shaped to the the most comfortable and efficient position for the user at the same time as reducing the stress on stiff and painful joints from awkward and unnatural twisting actions. This makes the Weighted Good Grips Spoon ideally suited for individuals with arthritic and other conditions that impair movement and manual dexterity.

Product Specification:

One Weighted Good Grips Spoon

Weighted handle improves control for users

High quality stainless steel spoon

Large, cushioned easy to grip latex free handle

Ribbing on handles for secure, safe grip

Handle is safe to grip even when wet

Spoon can be angled for ease of use

Ideal for those users with tremors

Ideal for those with conditions that impair dexterity

Dishwasher safe

Spoon length: 210mm (8″)

Spoon weight: 180 gms (6 ozs)

  • Stainless steel with a 3.5cm diameter built-up handle
  • Can be bent at any angle
  • Perfect for those with a weak grasp and reduced hand movement
  • With 170 grams of extra weight in the handle for additional control
  • Dishwasher safe