Natures Aid Complete Vegetarian Multi Vitamin & Minerals (90 Tablets )


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However, unfortunately due to the nature of our day to day lives we are often unable to pay proper attention to our nutritional well being and therefore a multivitamin and mineral supplement may help to plug those gaps in our diet.

The Benefits of Multivitamins and Minerals

A good multivitamin and mineral preparation will provide enough intake of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health and vitality.


Most of our multivitamin and mineral preparations contain too many ingredients to list each one and their properties here. A list of all the vitamins and minerals and their functions can be

found in tables 1,2 and 3 at the back of the product information.


Those people who are contra-indicated for any of the items within a multivitamin and mineral product should avoid taking them.

These products contain Vitamin A the intake of which must be carefully monitored by women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. If taking our High Strength Multivitamin and Mineral tablets continually it can result in massive amounts of Vitamin A and D being retained which can lead to Hypervitaminosis state, the symptoms of which include dry mouth, rough skin, painful joint swellings, anorexia and vomiting which disappear when supplementation is stopped.

This information has been provided to inform and educate trade customers and professionals only. It is not intended for use to diagnose, treat or cure disease; nor to provide medical advice. If in doubt con-sult a qualified practitioner.

  • Natures Aid Complete Multi-Vitamins & Minerals for use during times of increased physical activity
  • stress
  • following an illness or when the diet is lacking optimum nutrient intake.