Koolpak Deluxe Reusable Gel Hot Cold Ice Pack x2 & Multi Purpose Compress Wrap


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This deluxe medical grade reusable hot & cold gel packs provide effective pain relief of muscular and joint aches. Manufactured with reinforced welded seams for strong durability, non toxic gel and disinfectable packaging this gel pack has a variety of uses.
Use as a ice/cold pack in the early (acute) stage of a sports injury or following joint surgery to relieve pain, prevent swelling and cool tissue temperature. The Koolpak reusable gel pack is ideal for treating sprains, strains and bruises, and is also useful for those suffering from fevers, night sweats, headaches, eczema, sunstroke, toothache etc
Use as a hot/heat pack to increase blood flow to the tissue at site of injury to promote healing and relaxation. Hot gel packs are excellent for non-inflammatory complaints such as sciatica, lumbago (low back pain), muscle ache and muscle tension. Can also help with temporary relief to sinusitis or menstrual cramps
Each pack conforms easily to body contours whilst the nylon coating is soft to the touch for added patient comfort, and when used with our elasticated compression wrap helps to apply cold compress therapy to the injured tissue area
The deluxe Koolpak is filled with a non toxic gel that can be frozen and heated repeatedly – freeze for cold therapy (Cryotherapy) or place in hot water or microwave for heat therapy
The elasticated holster is fully adjustable with strong velcro fasteners, and is large enough to fit all parts of the body.
Our Koolpak Ice Gel Packs are ideal for treating most musco-skeletal injuries, including shoulders, knee sprains, wrist and and ankel sprains, inflammation, bruises and many others.

Kit contents:

2 x Koolpak deluxe reusable hot cold pack (12 x 29cm)
1 x Elasticated compression cover wrap (14 x 32cm – 85cm fully extended) – fits most body parts

  • Koolpak Deluxe multi purpose reusable hot & cold gel pack
  • Multi-purpose gel pack & wrap can fit most body parts
  • Prevents swelling and can provide relief pain
  • Gel pack has a soft easy clean nylon coating
  • Manufactured with non-toxic medical grade gel