Hair Growth Max Natural Premium Hair Loss Repair Supplement for Men and Women – 60 Capsules


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Treatment works as a dietary supplement to promote healthy re-growth and repair for damaged hairs and hair loss. We have created a unique blend of natural antioxidants and regenerating extracts and minerals, designed to keep your scalp and hair performing at an optimum level, helping strengthen existing hair, and encourage new growth. With the active mineral Marine Collagen, an entirely natural answer to the signs of ageing, offering elasticity in the skin and hair.

  • Levels of natural production can be affected by poor diet, alcohol and stress, and our added vitamins and minerals complement your diet so your body is able to boost production of what counts. With raised general health and increased Melanin due to our mineral compound, your hair and scalp can look forward to life, colour and healthy growth.
  • To be taken twice daily, these supplements work best when used hand in hand with our Hair Growth Spray, working on both the inside and outside for faster and longer lasting results.
  • We have included all important Biotin, which acts as an all over immune defence to combat healthy hair and nail growth.
  • This treatment is designed for different levels of hair loss, so if you are viewing as a preventative measure, or to combat current hair loss, we are confident *** will offer the same level of protection to all our clients.
  • 100% Satisfaction – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee