Cefaly® Anti-migraine Device


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Developed in Europe, the Cefaly® is a medical device that relieves migraine pain without the use of drugs and medication. It uses TENS technology to stimulate the pain centre of the brain telling it to produce more endorphins to relieve the migraine. When used on a regular basis, studies have shown that it may reduce the frequency of migraine occurrence. How does this work? Cefaly® uses electric impulses to act on the Trigeminal nerve that runs up the forehead (only 2 types of cells respond to electrical stimulus: muscle and nerve). The Cefaly® device attaches to a self-adhesive electrode placed on the forehead, and is worn like a pair of glasses. The power button is pressed to begin a 20-minute session of treatment.

  • Features and Benefits: Provides a prevention treatment program to increase the production of endorphins and raise the trigger threshold of the pain for a result of less frequent migraines. Can replace or reduce the consumption of medication. Has an “attack” program to block present pain & provide relief during a migraine. Weight of actual device 45.4 g (0.1 lb.) Includes: Cefaly® device Cefaly® electrode Skin-cleansing wipe Storage case Instruction manual For more information about this product