Brand New Handmade High Quality Silver Nickel Plating on solid Brass. LEAF DESIGN HAND CRAFTED AND VERY STURDY WALKING STICK / HIKING STICK. A very Elegant and Attractive Cane/ Walking Stick Black Hardwood Shaft & and Rubber Tip End. Size Overall...

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Tripods and Tetrapods feature multiple legs which give increased stability over a standard style walking stick. Fitted with high quality ferrule feet. Moulded, comfortable handles taper towards the front to give a good grip and prevent slipping....

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This superior cane by HARVY features hardwood shaft in black finish that measures 36 inches long. Jaguar handle made of metal in chrome finish provides comfortable support. Seek the path to a higher quality of life, and you will reap the benefits...

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Show Your Patriotism Patriotic Aluminum Adjustable Cane...

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