The ice grip offers on all grounds a safe grip ,specially on slippery surfaces such as on snow and ice and can also be attached to all walking sticks and crutches.Specially now in winter ,the ice grip is a important and safe support. The ice...

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This simple accessory fits over the back of a scooter or wheelchair, with a side release clip securing the single crutch holder into place. The double crutch and stick holder slips over the back of a scooter/wheelchair seat securing into place...

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Protect you permit with a Hologram-Safe wallet, especially designed to fit the New Blue Badge Parking Permit.To ensure that the permit is protected when exposed heat or sunlight, the hologram is not behind plastic, or rubbed when taken out -...

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Place Strength Tape Roll, 20 Pre-Cut Strips right where you need them for stability and support without a bulky brace Strength Tape supports strained muscles and joints without restricting motion-that's why it's called the Better Brace. This...

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It's a classic, flexible, look and yet so unique. So whether on a Sunday walk or you're attending that special formal occasion, such as the Racing, a Wedding or an Evening Ball, it will be the first point of discussion, as your friends admire and...

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These Oarsome Grips fit snugly over the top of standard crutch handles and help prevent blisters and sores and relives pressure experienced on hands, wrists elbows and shoulders. The honey comb section acts like a shock absorber and compresses...

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