Founded in 1992 MABIS DMI healthcare has been fostering innovation teamwork and a customer driven philosophy we continually evolve to support your needs in a competitive and ever changing marketplace. With over 5 000 products for the professional...

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These crutch handle covers are designed to cushion your hands against the crutch handle to avoid rubbing, soreness and prevent callouses. They have a reflective end cap for a little extra safety. - Supplied in pairs. - Length: 5" (13cm). -...

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The Lightweight Aluminum Construction And Sturdy, Comfortable Seat Is Ideal For Shoppers, Strollers Or Golfers Weight Capacity: 225 Pound Seat Dimensions, 8 Inch X 10 Inch Seat Height, 18 Inch 22 Inch Weight: 2 Pound Weight capacity: 225...

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