Your baby continuously loses his/her pacifier, and you spend hours looking for them? Aren't you? Shilat has the answer, our Pacifier clips are always in front of you, say goodbye to searching, no more losing it or dropping it on the floor, It...

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Reusable hot/cold therapy pack to help soothe muscular discomfort and help to reduce swelling and bruising. The hot pack will assist in increasing circulation, with temporary relief to muscle aches, back pain, sinusitis or menstrual cramps. The...

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Mother's favorite formula for her new born baby. This formula is time tested and a blessing for infants. A great combination for colic, teething pain, flatulence, spasms, etc. In a pure base of vegetable glycerine, with natural anise...

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Regularly approaching: the period before the period: You feel off-colour, are tired and nervous. You feel as though you have put on weight overnight, suffer from ravenousness appetite and migraine.. What we are talking about is the...

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Compeed plasters have a unique hydrocure gel system that absorbs and balances the natural moisture from the skin, helps relieve blister pain, protects and cushions wounds against rubbing. Compeed blister plasters for first aid use, offer optimum...

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Babies love to grab things and chew on them, especially when they are teething. Lily Bear teething jewellery is designed to be stylish for mum to wear but most of all safe for baby to grab, pull, chew, bite and play with. Made of FOOD GRADE...

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