Asthma Cure: Live Free from Asthma and Allergies


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Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways. This inflammation results in the airways being hypersensitive to common elements in the environment, resulting in a mild to severe restriction of airway flow to the lungs.

It is estimated that over 300 million people the world over have asthma, with 14% of this figure being children. Asthma occurs in varying degrees, the worst and most lethal of it being the severe case.

While there is currently no known cure for asthma, it can be successfully managed. The severity of asthma symptoms can be improved with treatment

This book gives a detailed view of what asthma is and its likely factors that are likely to cause it, so you are better able to manage it.

Some things you will learn from this book are

- Risk Factor of Asthma

- Asthma in Children and Effective Ways To Manage It

- Some Effective Treatment for Asthma

- Home Remedies for Treating Asthma

- Natural Herbs for Asthma

- Effective Breathing Techniques to Alleviate Asthma Symptoms

- Foods that Help and Foods that Hurt Asthma

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