RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, 30-Count Capsules


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Just 1 Capsule per Day Balances Yeast & Bacteria to Maintain Feminine HealthLactobacillus, yeast, and other bacteria are all naturally present in your body, and optimum vaginal health occurs when there is a healthy balance of these elements. RepHresh Pro-B is clinically shown to provide healthy probiotic lactobacillus that works with your body to balance yeast and bacteria. With one capsule taken daily, you can take control and help maintain vaginal flora in a normal range. How it Works: Provides healthy probiotic lactobacillus that balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health. When to Use: Just 1 capsule per day helps maintain vaginal flora in a normal, healthy range.

  • Balances yeast & bacteria to maintain feminine healthOne capsule taken orally daily is enoughHelps maintain vaginal flora in a normal range